1. RealPoetik (est. early 90's) exhibits innovative writings (poems, fictions, essays, and reviews) and visual arts. Headquarters are happily based in Mount Rainier, Maryland.
  2. OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS. Please include a short bio and/or project description. PDFs preferred. Send work(s) here :) 
  3. At present authors are compensated in kind via French-American cleanup of the Anacostia River. Literature = river & writers/readers need water, water-views. Development efforts are underway to facilitate authorial remuneration in the near & distant future.

Thibault Raoult is the author of Person Hour, Disposable Epics, and «Pro(m)bois(e)». A former editor at The Georgia Review, TR performs/records as Historic Sunsets.

Past Editors

Lily Brown
Claire Becker
Ana Bozicevic
Caroline Conway
Lars Palm
Kirby Olson
Mike Topp
Sal Salasin (founder)